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To improve the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease by advancing the global knowledge and impact of the management of lipids. 


The ILF is a unique forum that brings together globally-recognized leaders in the field of lipids and cardiovascular disease prevention, offering a free non-competing platform to share knowledge and exchange ideas. The forum provides an environment of nonpartisan cooperation and promotes the development of alliances among recognized leaders and related medical societies.

In recent years, there have been rich research activities and discoveries in areas of physiology and pathophysiology of lipid disorders, the development of atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular disease. The goal of the ILF is to transform the new research findings to clinical medicine, addressing its impact on medical practice. The ILF will serve as an educational resource, promoting  the understanding of these new findings to health care professional. Allowing clinicians and researchers alike to have electronic access and benefit from the state of the art wealth of knowledge in the management of lipid disorders and prevention of heart disease.

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